ZA Bank Register For Government Cash Payout Scheme

ZA Bank Register For Government Cash Payout Scheme: What exactly is ZA Bank Register For Government Cash Payout Scheme? Za is the first virtual bank in Hong Kong that allows you to apply for a payout directly. The HK Monetary Authority has registered, approved, and secured Za. The majority of the time, ZA will approve your account right away, however there have been instances that you may have to wait up to 5 business days.

ZA Bank Registration

Organization : ZA Bank Ltd
Facility : Register For Government Cash Payout Scheme
Applicable For : ZA Bank Customers

ZA Bank App Download

The ZA Bank App is available for download for free. You can get our Bank App from the Apple App Store (iOS 8.0 or above) and Google Play (OS 5.0 or higher), or you can just scan the QR code below with your phone to get it. ? If your App Store is not situated in Hong Kong, you may not be able to find the ZA Bank App there.

Registration Process

Steps :
Follow these steps to register the Government Cash Payout Scheme and apply HKD 10,000

Step 1 : Log in to ZA Bank App
Step 2 : Tap “More options” in the menu bar
Step 3 : Select “Promotion”
Step 4 : Select “Cash Payout Scheme”
Step 5 : Follow the instructions to complete the registration.

Change your mailing address

In our app, you can alter your residential address / correspondence address.
1. Open the ZA Bank App and log in.
2. In the menu bar, tap “More.”
3. Select “Edit My Profile” or “Edit My Profile Picture” from the drop-down menu.
4. Select the piece of address information that has to be updated.


The scheme deadline is yet to be announced.