Top 10 Sam Deep Songs 2022

Sam DeepTop 10 Sam Deep Songs 2022: Sam Deep is a South African DJ/Producer who has been honing his abilities under the tutelage of some well-known SA DJs in order to polish his craft and has now emerged as a highly accomplished independent artist who only gives his fans back-to-back good jams. He’s worked with a lot of artists and DJs, and he’s recorded some fantastic singles.

These Are The Top 10 Sam Deep Songs 

1. Sam Deep & De Mthuda – Awukhuzeki ft. Murumba Pitch

On this new track titled Awukhuzeki featuring Murumba Pitch, Sam Deep and De Mthuda team up. Recently, Sam Deep and De Mthuda seem to be making some incredible partnerships.

Awukhuzeki ft. Murumba Pitch

2. Sam Deep & Playgal – Kusezo Khanya ft. De Mthuda, Babalwa M & Sipho Magudela

Kusezo Khanya, a new track by Sam Deep and Playgal featuring De Mthuda, Babalwa M, and Sipho Magudela, kicks off the weekend for their fans. After dropping various teases that rattled the industry, they come official for their fans on the new groove.

Kusezo Khanya

3. Kwiish SA ft. Sam Deep & MalumNator – Jaiva

Kwiish SA has released a new song called Jaiva, which features Sam Deep and MalumNator. He takes over once more by ensuring that the weekend is not devoid of superb music.


4. Kwiish SA ft. Sam Deep, MalumNator & Sihle – Anizthembi

Kwiish SA maintains his dominance with the release of Anizthembi, a new single featuring Sam Deep, MalumNator, and Sihle. He reclaims control by assuring that the weekend is not without excellent music.


5. Kwiish SA ft. Sam Deep & MalumNator – Izintsizwa

Izintsizwa, a new single by Kwiish SA, features Sam Deep and MalumNator. He offers a new song from Umshiso, Vol. 2, his most recent album.


6. De Mthuda ft. Sam Deep – Fedelity

Fedelity, a new tune by De Mthuda featuring Sam Deep, maintains his dominance. The Amapiano producer has recently teamed with Sam Deep on Kusezo Khanya, which features Babalwa M, Playgall, and Sipho Magudulela.

Fedelity ft. Sam Deep

7. De Mthuda & Sam Deep – Kusezo Khanya

De Mthuda and Sam Deep collaborate on Kusezo Khanya, which also features Babalwa M, Playgall, and Sipho Magudulela. Mthuda and Sam Deep continue to perform as a pair and provide their fans with good music.

Kusezo Khanya

8. Sam Deep – Inyembezi ft. Murumba Pitch & Malumnator

The Amapiano producer continues to make waves with this new groove for his fans, following up on his Genesis project. The Amapiano musician recently put in the work, as he was featured with De Mthuda and Da Muziqal Chef on Malumnator’s Bedstories.


9. De Mthuda & Sam Deep – Abo Cheri ft. MalumNator

This new song, Abo Cheri featuring MalumNator, is produced by De Mthuda and Sam Deep. After recently participating on The New Twelve with Sino Msolo and Murumba Pitch, they form a pair on this new single.

Abo Cheri ft. MalumNator

10. De Mthuda & Sam Deep – The New Twelve ft. Sino Msolo & Murumba Pitch