Top 10 Murumba Pitch Songs 2022

Murumba Pitch

Top 10 Murumba Pitch Songs 2022: Murumba Pitch is a South African music duet band. They’ve appeared in a number of fantastic Amapiano tracks, and despite the fact that they don’t have a single of their own, they’re known for their ability to switch up any amapiano feel that comes their way. They were inspired by popular DJ Kabza de Small and now work with him and other well-known musicians to create crazy music.

These are the top 10 Murumba Pitch Songs of 2022

1. De Mthuda ft. Murumba Pitch & Kammu Dee – Ejwaleni

De Mthuda combines with Murumba Pitch and Kammu Dee on this new single titled Ejwaleni.


2. Nkosazana Daughter ft. Murumba Pitch & Loxion Deep – Wena Dali

Nkosazana Daughter, one of South Africa’s current female vocalists, has released a new song called Wena Dali, which features Murumba Pitch and Loxion Deep.

Wena Dali 

3. Visca ft. Murumba Pitch & Raspy – Duze Kwami

Visca is promoting himself with a new song called Duze Kwami, which features Murumba Pitch and Raspy.

Duze Kwami ft. Murumba Pitch & Raspy

4. Visca ft. Daliwonga & Murumba Pitch  –Ngiyaz Fela 

Ngiyaz Fela, a new track by Visca featuring Daliwona and Murumba Pitch, is expected to help him promote his name.

Ngiyaz Fela

5. Sam Deep & De Mthuda ft. Murumba Pitch – Awukhuzeki

On this new track titled Awukhuzeki featuring Murumba Pitch, Sam Deep and De Mthuda team up. Recently, Sam Deep and De Mthuda seem to be making some incredible partnerships.

Awukhuzeki ft. Murumba Pitch

6. Kabza De Small ft. Murumba Pitch & Da Muziqal Chef – Mak’shoni Langa

Kabza De Small collaborates with Da Muziqal Chef and Murumba Pitch on Mak’shoni Langa, a new groove. The Amapiano King has released a new single from his current EP, Ziwangale.

Mak’shoni Langa

7. Kabza De Small ft. Murumba Pitch – Kabza

Kabza De Small kicks off the weekend with a new track titled Kabza, which features Murumba Pitch. Kabza De Small’s record label, in cooperation with Sony Entertainment, will once again release a new project.

Kabza ft. Murumba Pitch

8. Mellow & Sleazy ft.  Murumba Pitch – Ba Bize

Mellow and Sleazy are back with a new single called Ba Bize, which features Murumba Pitch, Daliwonga, Visca, and Djy Biza.

Ba Bize 

9. Murumba Pitch & Loxion Deep – By My Side

By My Side is a new collaboration between Murumba Pitch and Loxion Deep. The Amapiano artists go all out for their fans this weekend, dancing to some lovely music.

By My Side

10. Vigro Deep ft. Murumba Pitch & Lady Du – Maba Jabul’Abantu

Vigro Deep makes a cameo on Maba Jabul’Abantu, a new groove featuring Murumba Pitch and Lady Du.

Maba Jabul’Abantu