Top 10 Mthandazo Gatya Songs 2022

Mthandazo Gatya

Top 10 Mthandazo Gatya Songs 2022: He is a singer, composer, and South African performer. Mthandazo, who was born and reared in the Gauteng township of Weilers Farm, fell in love with music at a young age when he began singing in his primary school’s chorus. Although he had always loved singing, it wasn’t until 2009 that he began to take it seriously and pursue a professional career. Mthandazo’s music career wasn’t always easy for him, but he persevered, and today he is well-known throughout South Africa. Within a short period of time, the song had over 1.5 million views and was in the top ten on several South African radio stations, including Metro, Ligwalagwala, and Ikwekwezi FM.

These Are The Top 10 Mthandazo Gatya Songs

1. Babsy Mlangeni – Special Angel ft. Mthandazo Gatya

Babsy Mlangeni and Mthandazo Gatya collaborate on a new track titled Special Angel. On the track, he features Mthandazo Gatya’s work as they provide for their supporters.

Special Angel ft. Mthandazo Gatya

2.  AB Crazy, Mthandazo Gatya & S1mba – One day

This new music, One Day, features AB Crazy, Mthandazo Gatya, and S1mba as a trio. In addition to the Amapiano recordings for the weekend, the South African artists pull a fresh trick.

One day

3. Presh ft. Mthandazo Gatya – Buya

Presh kicks off the weekend with her new single Buya, which features Mthandazo Gatya. With the new music, she confirms that she has a rose spot in her admirers’ hearts.

Buya ft. Mthandazo Gatya

4. DJ Obza ft. Mthandazo Gatya & DJ Gizo – Sthandwa’sam

DJ Obza’s new track, Sthandwa’sam, featuring Mthandazo Gatya and DJ Gizo. Following his Thursday Shandis Mix, the Amapiano musician provides a new single for his listeners.


5. Mvzzle ft. Mthandazo Gatya & DJ Nelcee – Sonke

Mvzzle drops a new song called Sonke, which features Mthandazo Gatya and DJ Nelcee. He releases Sonke, a new single from his latest EP.


6. Mthandazo Gatya – Sekulungile ft. Tumisho

Mthandazo Gatya releases Sekelungile, a new song featuring Tumisho. He released a new EP titled New Age Healer as part of his project.

Sekulungile ft. Tumisho

7. Mthandazo Gatya – Simunye ft. Comado

Mthandazo Gatya releases Simunye, a new track featuring Comado (Tribute to Comado). He released New Age Healer, a new EP from his project.

Simunye ft. Comado

8. Mthandazo Gatya – Thethelela ft. Tumisho & Comado

Mthandazo Gatya releases Thethelela, a new song featuring Tumisho and Comado. He released New Age Healer, a new EP from his project.


9. Mthandazo Gatya – Mama

Mthandazo Gatya will release another single named Mama around the same time he releases New Age Healer. Mthandazo Gatya was the first to take the wheel after releasing his performance single Uzobizwa. He released Umonde, a track from his EP.


10. Soulphiatown ft. Mthandazo Gatya, DJ Manzo SA & Chronix – Ngiyak’saba

Mthandazo Gatya, DJ Manzo SA, and Chronix collaborate on this new Soulphiatown music titled Ngiyak’saba. On this new track, they come together without leaving any notes unplayed.