Top 10 Manu WorldStar Songs 2022

Manu WorldStar

Top 10 Manu WorldStar Songs 2022: Emmanuel Mumbili Mutendji, better known by his stage or professional name Manu Worldstar, was born to Congolese parents in Johanneburg, South Africa, almost two decades ago. He appears to be divorced from his Congolese roots at this stage, having taken up South African citizenship. The singer came up with the term Worldstar as a stage name – a sort of Manu World star – because he believed in his musical ability and its power to free him from the chains of obscurity. The outstanding South African writer, singer, and producer has embarked on a musical adventure to provide good music to his audience.

These Are The Top 10 Manu WorldStar Songs

1. ProSoul Da Deejay  ft. Manu WorldStar– Alors On Dance

With this new tune titled Alors On Dance featuring Manu Worldstar, ProSoul Da Deejay finally fulfills his followers. His most recent release was Uyang’delela featuring Philharmonic Rsa, which he collaborated on with DJ Farmer.

Alors On Dance ft. Manu WorldStar

2. MFR Souls  ft. Manu Worldstar– Usuku Bassie

MFR Souls have returned to form with the release of Usuku, a new song starring Bassie, T-Man SA, and Manu Worldstar. They begin the process of regaining their name in the industry by releasing a new tune from their current groove, T-Squared (T2) – EP.

Usuku ft. Manu Worldstar

3. MFR Souls ft. Manu Worldstar– Forever

T-Man SA, Mandy ZA, Bozza, and Manu Worldstar are featured on MFR Souls’ new track Forever. The new project was included in T-Squared (T2) – EP, their most recent EP.

Forever ft. Manu Worldstar

4. DJ Clen  ft. Manu WorldStar – Green Goblin

On this new tune dubbed Green Goblin, DJ Clen takes on the role of a villain alongside Manu Worldstar, Luna Florentino, DeeXclsv, and Tony X.

Green Goblin ft. Manu WorldStar

5. Chad Da Don ft. Manu Worldstar – Mind Games

Chad Da Don keeps doing what he does best by releasing Mind Games, a new song starring Manu Worldstar. This pair is intriguing since it has a nice, peaceful commercial vibe to it, with Chad dropping bars and Manu hammering the verse and melodic appealing chorus.

Mind Games ft. Manu Worldstar

6. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ  ft. Manu Worldstar – Imizwa  Azana

Tee Jay and ThackzinDJ release Imizwa, a new song featuring Azana, Manu Worldstar, and Basetsana, produced by Tee Jay and ThackzinDJ. The track was taken from their album 1 000 000 Amapiano Seconds (Kings Of The Surface).

Imizwa ft. Manu Worldstar

7. Khuli Chana ft. Manu WorldStar – Take Care 

With a new track named Take Care, featuring Manu Worldstar and Profound, Khuli Chana raises the tempo. The Hip Hop singer made his final performance on Ma-hit E’s Ain’t No Tomorrow after flaunting a wedding ring with his wife.

Take Care ft. Manu WorldStar 

8. Nhlonipho  ft. Manu WorldStar– Life I Got

Nhlonipho makes his weekly appearance on the track Life I Got, which features Manu Worldstar. He begins the tune with a sample from his upcoming month’s project.

Life I Got ft. Manu WorldStar

9. Benny Afroe ft. Manu WorldStar– My Way 

Benny Afroe and Manu Worldstar collaborate on a new song called My Way. He releases a new single named Yours Truly from his upcoming album.

My Way ft. Manu WorldStar

10. Manu Worldstar & Gemini Major – Short Story

Manu Worldstar and Gemini Major collaborate on the track “Short Story.” They combine efforts to give their followers something new to look forward to over the weekend.

Short Story