Top 10 King Monada Songs 2022

King Monada

Top 10 King Monada Songs 2022: Khutso King Monada is a South African singer, songwriter, and record producer who goes by the stage name Steven Kgatle. After the release of his 2016 singles “Ska Bhora Moreki” and “Malwedhe,” which reached at #9 on the iTunes Chart and #54 on the Apple Music Chart, he became famous.

These Are The Top 10 King Monada Songs of 2022

1. King Monada – Aye Kuwa ft. CK The DJ

With this new music titled Aye Kuwa featuring CK The DJ, King Monada makes another entrance for his fans. With the release of this new groove, the Afro House artist continues to deliver for his fans.

Aye Kuwa ft. CK The DJ

2. King Monada – Khiyela

Khiyela is the title of King Monada’s new single. This is his second single of the year, following Namela, which he released earlier.


3. King Monada – Namela

As he receives congratulatory comments from his fans, King Monada delivers this new groove titled Namela. After ten years, he was seen proposing to his fiancée, which delighted their fans.


4. Dr Rackzen ft. King Monada– Mojolo Wanyesa

This new track, Mojolo Wanyesa, features Dr Rackzen and King Monada. They are still making an impact in the industry, even though they are now working as a duet.

Mojolo Wanyesa ft. King Monada

5. OSKIDO ft. King Monada – Fofa

Fofa, a song by Oskido featuring King Monada, is out now. Oskido released the music as part of an EP titled Keep Hope Alive.

Fofa ft. King Monada

6. Rechie Teanet & C Boy Teanet ft. King Monada– Nunu

Rechie Teanet and C Boy Teanet are back with a new song called Nunu, which features King Monada. As they drop this Amapiano groove, the brothers take on a new role in the industry.

Nunu ft. King Monada

7. Spirit Banger ft. King Monada– Ska Bhora Moreki (Remix)

Ska Bhora Moreki, a new remix by Spirit Banger featuring King Monada, is out now. They use the track to keep the development consistent with the name of their record.

Ska Bhora Moreki (Remix) ft. King Monada

8. King Monada & CK The DJ – Maxaka Khutxa

With a new track titled Maxaka Khutxa, the Mokgolobotho breed, King Monada, and CK The DJ take over. After dropping Ex Yaka, which came after Ngaka with Makhadzi, he steps up his game with a new track for the weekend.

Maxaka Khutxa

9. King Monada & Makhadzi – Ngaka

With this new music titled Ngaka, King Monada and Makhadzi put an end to their feud. They establish a partnership and provide something new for their followers ahead of the weekend.


10. King Monada – ETLA O DULE MOO

ETLA O DULE MOO, a new track by the Mokgolobotho breed, takes over. After dropping Ex Yaka, he ups his game with a new single for the weekend.