Top 10 Josiah De Disciple Songs 2022

Josiah De DiscipleTop 10 Josiah De Disciple Songs 2022: Josiah De Disciple, a young DJ and producer from Alexandra Township in South Africa, was born Josiah Makoela in 1991. He is one of the best South African producers. His music is a mix of house music, piano melodies, and Afro-drum beats. Mr Souls, Hitmanonset, and DJ Kaznonva are among of the renowned local artists with whom he has collaborated. He did a remix for the Duo Sons of Ffrika that was at the top of Traxsource’s Afro-house repertoire for about six to ten weeks. He was nominated for Mzansi traxsource’s best of 2014, and he came in seventh.

These are the top 10 Josiah De Disciple Songs of 2022

1. Josiah De Disciple – Joe’ Butcher

Joe’ Butcher, a new groove by Josiah De Disciple, features his production. He continues to do his best for his followers by releasing quality albums.

Joe’ Butcher

2. Josiah De Disciple – Bavume ft. Themba Mbokazi

With this new tune titled Bavume featuring Themba Mbokazi, Josiah De Disciple raises the tempo. He releases this new tune from his Sounds Of Gomora EP, which is his most recent endeavor.

Bavume ft. Themba Mbokazi

3. Josiah De Disciple – Inyathi

Josiah De Disciple, an Amapiano producer, has released a new tune titled Inyathi. He accelerates the groove by releasing it ahead of the weekend as one of the required jams.


4. Josiah De Disciple – The Warning

Amapiano producer Josiah De Disciple has released a new song called The Warning. He speeds up the groove by releasing it as one of the needed jams ahead of the weekend.

The Warning

5. Josiah De Disciple – Lake side

With his new song Lake Side, Josiah De Disciple ups the ante. This is a new song from his most recent release, the Sounds Of Gomora EP.

Lake side

6. Josiah De Disciple – Grootman ft. Dqofficial

Grootman is a new piece of music by Josiah De Disciple, starring Dqoffical. He premieres a new track off his latest EP, Sounds Of Gomora.

Grootman ft. Dqofficial

7. Josiah De Disciple – 1st Park

Josiah De Disciple, an Amapiano producer, has released a new song called 1st Park. He ups the tempo by releasing it as one of the weekend’s essential jams.

1st Park

8. Josiah De Disciple – Dala What You Must ft. Reece Madlisa & Zuma

Dala What You Must, starring Reece Madlisa and Zuma, is a new music from Josiah De Disciple for his followers. He shares a new song off his recent EP, Sounds Of Gomora.

Dala What You 

9. DJ Rico, Josiah De Disciple & Pablo RSA – Street Fighter

DJ Rico releases a new single titled Street Fighter, which features Josiah De Disciple and Pablo RSA. On the tune, they form a trio and premiere it for a new week.

Street Fighter

10. Josiah De Disciple – Tick ft. Sfarzo Rtee, ReaDaSoul & Lash T

With a new single titled Tick featuring Sfarzo Rtee, ReeDaSoul, and Lash T, Josiah De Disciple raises the bar even higher. After delivering THROWBACK DISC 2 with LennonPercs, this is his second endeavor for the week.