Top 10 Jobe London Songs 2022

Jobe LondonTop 10 Jobe London Songs 2022: Jobe London is a South African native. He’s a fantastic South African musician, dancer, and songwriter. He was a prolific songwriter and record producer. He rose to prominence after signing with JR’s Feel Good Record label and releasing his smash amapiano tune, “sukendleleni.” Sukendleleni translates to “get out of the way” in English. Jobe London is one of South Africa’s hottest music artists right now. He’s now known as a consistent hit creator who occasionally drops crazy bangers.

These Are The Top 10 Jobe London Songs 

1. Jobe London & Killer Kau – Otsotsi Laba ft. Zuma & Moonie

Jobe London and Killer Kau unite on this new single titled Otsotsi Laba, which features Zuma and Moonie. Jobe shares one of the Killer Kau tunes he worked on before his death.

Otsotsi Laba ft. Zuma & Moonie

2. MDU aka TRP & Bongza ft. Jobe London & Killer Kau – Ghost

MDU alias TRP and Bongza reunite on the track Ghost, which also features Mpura, Jobe London, and Killer Kau. They drop the weekend track on this new tune while hitting the bars as they always do.


3. Kabza De Small ft. Jobe London & Killer Kau – Peace Magents

Peace Magents is a new song by Kabza De Small featuring Killer Kau and Jobe London. He goes all out for his admirers this time and releases something unique for them.

Peace Magents

4. Luu Nineleven ft. Jobe London – Summer ye Lockdown

Summer Ye Lockdown is a collaboration between Luu Nineleven, Kevi Kev, Zuma, Killer Kau, and Jobe London. This song is from Luu Nineleven’s Umculo Wama Nothi album.

Summer ye Lockdown 

5.  Luu Nineleven ft. Jobe London & Killer Kau – Intombi YakwaZulu

Intombi YakwaZulu is a collaboration by Luu Nineleven, Msheke, Jobe London, and Killer Kau. This song is from Luu Nineleven’s Umculo Wama Nothi album.

Intombi YakwaZulu 

6.  Luu Nineleven ft. Jobe London & Tumilemang – Ho Monate Sandton

Luu Nineleven collaborates on Ho Monate Sandton alongside Njelic, Jobe London, and Tumilemang. This song is from Luu Nineleven’s Umculo Wama Nothi album.

Ho Monate Sandton 

7.  Jobe London – Injalo Lento ft. Killer Kau, Zuma & D-Swap

Jobe London keeps true to the Amapiano genre with the release of Injalo Lento, a new tune featuring Killer Kau, Zuma, and D-Swap. Busta 929’s production skills are responsible for their latest smash.

Injalo Lento

8.  Da L.E.S ft. Jobe London Kamo ,Mphela &  Focalistic – Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s North God Da L.E.S returns with an Amapiano entry that includes Focalistic, Kamo Mphela, and Jobe London. It’s the iconic rapper’s first solo single of the year, following a string of releases in previous years.

Elon Musik

9.  Jobe London & Mphow69 – Jabula ft. Killer Kau, Kelvin Momo & Msheke

Jabula by Jobe London and Mphow69 featuring Killer Kau, Kelvin Momo, and Msheke. One of our favorite tracks from Jobe London and Mphow69’s recently released EP, Sounds from the South, is Jabula.


10. Jobe London & Mphow69 – Ingane ft. Focalistic & Ntokzin

Ingane by Jobe London and Mphow69 featuring Focalistic and Ntokzin. Jobe London and Mphow69’s joint album, Sounds from the South, will be published on June 5, and the Amapiano pair have released the first single from the project, Ingane.

Ingane ft. Focalistic & Ntokzin