Top 10 Dzo 729 Songs 2022

Dzo 729Top 10 Dzo 729 Songs 2022: Dzo 729, a South African musician, is Tumelo Tshabalala, a DJ and producer. As a producer and vocalist, he has worked with a number of well-known musicians. He has been honing his skills under the mentorship of several well-known South African DJs in order to polish his craft and has now emerged as a highly competent independent artist that only provides his fans with back-to-back fantastic tunes. He’s collaborated with a variety of musicians and DJs, and he’s released some incredible tracks.

These Are The Top 10 Dzo 729 Songs

1. Dzo 729 – Kuzoba Mnandi ft. Young Stunna & Nvcho

Dzo 729 makes a fleeting appearance on Kuzoba Mnandi, which features Young Stunna and Nvcho. He uses this new single to follow up his recent groove iMikhuleko, which featured Dlala Mlungu, Mashudu, and Guyu Pane.

Kuzoba Mnandi

2.  Dzo 729 – iMikhuleko ft. Dlala Mlungu, Mashudu & Guyu Pane

Dzo 729 drops iMikhuleko, a new song featuring Dlala Mlungu, Mashudu, and Gugu Pane. He shares a new song off his latest album, Till Today.

Dlala Mlungu

3.  Dzo 729 & Guyu Pane – Isona Lesgubhu ft. Just Bheki & Mr Gun

Isona Lesgubhu (729 Vocal Mix) is a new song by Dzo 729 and Guyu Pane, featuring Just Bheki and Mr Gun. He premieres a new track from his latest album, Till Today.

Isona Lesgubhu

4. Dzo 729 & Guyu Pane – Uthand iMali ft. MalumNator

Dzo 729 and Guyu Pane collaborate on a new song called Uthand iMali, which features MalumNator. He shares a new song off his latest album, Till Today.

Uthand iMali ft. MalumNator

5.  Djy Jaivane ft. Dzo 729 – uMandela

Young Stunna, Spizzy, Dzo 729, Amu Classic, and Kappie are featured on Djy Jaivane’s new hit uMandela. On this new tune for the week, the Amapiano producer incorporates the vocals of various performers.


6. Dzo 729 & Guyu Pane – Wena ft. Sego M

Dzo 729 debuts with Guyu Pane’s Wena, which features Sego M. Guyu Pane and Dzo 729 made their final appearance on Follow (Dzo Birthday Song).

 Wena ft. Sego M

7. DJ Stoks, Mel Muziq & Dzo 729 – Sophinda S’bonane ft. KabeloSings

On this new track titled Sophinda S’bonane, DJ Stoks, Mel Muziq, and Dzo 729 form a trio with KabeloSings, 20tySoundz, Miano, and Hlaks. They collaborate to create a new weekend track on a new level.

Sophinda S’bonane

8.  DJ Jaivane, Sinny Man’Que, Amu Classic & Kappie ft. Dzo 729 – Le’ Mpilo

DJ Jaivane, Sinny Man’Que, Amu Classic, and Kappie collaborate on Le’ Mpilo, a new track starring Young Stunna and Dzo 729. They drive their games forward by bringing the groove to a new level for their supporters.

Le’ Mpilo 

9.  Dzo 729 & Guyu Pane – Follow 

With a new track titled Follow, Dzo 729 and Guyu Pane take over (Dzo Birthday Song). On the tune, they establish a pair and take turns serving something new to their listeners.


10.  Dzo 729 – Ba Xolele ft. Guyu Pane & Young Stunna

Dzo 729 releases Ba Xolele, a new Amapiano music featuring Guyu Pane and YoungStunner. On the tune, they form a trio and take turns serving something new to their listeners.

Ba Xolele