Top 10 Djy Zan SA Songs 2022

Djy Zan SATop 10 Djy Zan SA Songs 2022: Zan SA, also known as Djy Zan SA, is a South African Disk Jockey | Music Producer signed to Black is Brown Entertainment. Djy Zan SA, a fast growing song producer and disc jockey, has created a slew of insane banga that has been playing in his listeners’ speakers. He never fails to deliver, and he frequently collaborates with other top artists to bring wonderful music to his fans.

These Are The Top 10 Djy Zan SA Songs of 2022

1. Djy Zan SA & Djy Ma’Ten – Zalela e’Jozi ft. Lemaza & Sizwe Alakine

Djy Zan SA and Djy Ma’Ten team up once more on this new single titled Zalela e’Jozi, which features Lemaza and Sizwe Alakine. This year, they’ve made even more appearances for their fans by releasing new grooves.

Zalela e’Jozi 

2.  Djy Zan SA – Slingshot ft. Mr JazziQ, Djy Ma’Ten & Boibizza

Djy Zan SA presents Slingshot (Main Mix), a new groove featuring Mr JazziQ, Djy Ma’Ten, and Boibizza. He uses this new track to kick off the year for himself, featuring some of the industry’s best.


3. Kammu Dee ft. Djy Zan SA & Murumba Pitch – Kamu

Kammu Dee takes it to a whole new level with his new song Kamu, which features Djy Zan SA and Murumba Pitch. By unleashing this new round, Kammu Dee continues to raise the bar for his followers.


4.  Mr JazziQ ft. Djy Zan SA, Mellow & Sleazy  – Hade Mabebeza

Mr JazziQ returns to the spotlight with Hade Mabebeza, a new single featuring Dinky, Ma’Ten, Djy Biza, Djy Zan SA, Mellow, and Sleazy. As they’ve created news together, the Amapiano producer brings his crew on this new single.

Hade Mabebeza

5. Nkulee 501 & Djy Zan SA – Letterman

Letterman is a new single from Nkulee 501 and Djy Zan SA. They’ve teamed up to provide their supporters a weekend pass.


6.  Kay Invictus, Djy Zan SA, Lemaza & Djy Biza – Nothembi

Kay Invictus, Djy Zan SA, F3 Dipapa, M.J, Lemaza, and Djy Biza have released a new song called Nothembi. This is a fresh new track from the Compilation Vol. 1 album by Black Is Brown.


7.  Djy Ma’ten, Djy Zan SA, M.J & Mr JazziQ – Ama 2 ft. Sizwe Alakine

Djy Ma’Ten, Djy Zan SA, M.J, and Mr JazziQ collaborate on Ama 2, a new tune featuring Sizwe Alakine. This is a new tune from Black Is Brown’s Compilation Vol.1 that they’ve released.

Ama 2 ft. Sizwe Alakine

8. Mr JazziQ ft. Djy Zan SA, Djy Biza & MJ – Bafo

Sizwe Alakine, K-Zaka, Djy Ma’Ten, Djy Zan SA, Djy Biza, and M.J. perform Bafo, which is produced by Mr JazziQ. He currently holds this new round after presenting Bolaya featuring Mellow & Sleazy, Djy Ma’Ten & M.J.


9. Sfarzo Rtee ft. Djy Zan SA & Mellow, Sleazy – Rocco

Mellow, Sleazy, and Dyj Zan SA all appear on Sfarzo Rtee’s new track Rocco. They do a fantastic job of giving their supporters something fresh for the weekend.


10. Djy Zan SA – Century ft. Fanarito, Kyika DeSoul & Konka

Century, a new track by Djy Zan SA, features Fanarito, Kyika DeSoul, and Konka. Artists continue to debut on the Amapiano genre in order to keep the genre alive in the music industry.