Top 10 DJ Cleo Songs 2022

DJ Cleo

Top 10 DJ Cleo Songs 2022: Tlou Cleopas Monyepao (born December 24, 1979), better known as DJ Cleo, is a Kwaito and  South African House producer. He was born in the province of Gauteng. In 2012, he launched his debut single “Facebook,” which earned him three accolades at the 18th SAMA. Eskhaleni is his eleventh album. On YFM, he began his career as a producer for DJ Fresh’s Unrestricted Breakfast Show.  Cleo discovered that he like producing for radio and began to experiment with generating music for himself and others. 11 (2019), which includes the singles “Yile Gqom” and “Yile Piano,” among others.

These Are The Top 10 DJ Cleo Songs of 2022

1. Jub Jub ft. DJ Cleo – Amaswidi

Jub Jub takes the lead with his new single Amaswidi, which features DJ Cleo. He returns to the industry with this new tune, which also features DJ Cleo’s contribution.

Amaswidi ft. DJ Cleo

2. DJ Cleo – Ngiphe ft. Msheke Lezinto & FireMlilo

Msheke Lezinto and FireMlilo are featured on DJ Cleo’s latest track Ngiphe. He utilizes the new song to promote his upcoming EP, which will be released on April 25th, 2022.

Ngiphe ft. Msheke Lezinto & FireMlilo

3. DJ Cleo – My Soul Says Yes

DJ Cleo launches a new single named My Soul Says Yes to pave the way. The South African artist is ready to embark on a new career path. He is preparing to release Ezkhaleni Volume 1 on October 8, 2021.

My Soul Says Yes

4. DJ Cleo – Ingubo Enamehlo ft. Lungisa Xhamela & Phiwe S

Lungisa Xhamela and Phiwe S are featured on DJ Cleo’s latest track Ingubo Enamehlo.

Ingubo Enamehlo 

5. DJ Cleo – Alpha And Omega ft. Morongoe

DJ Cleo and Morongoe collaborate on a new track titled Alpha And Omega. They’re back on the track to represent Amapiano and take their fans to a new level for the weekend.

Alpha And Omega ft. Morongoe

6. DJ Cleo – Avulekile ft. Ishmael

DJ Cleo returns to the streets with Avulekile, a new Amapiano track starring Ishmael. DJ Cleo releases this music to show the world more about his presence after his record Gcina Impilo Yam featuring Bucy Radebe became a craze.

Avulekile ft. Ishmael

7. DJ Cleo – Gcina Impilo Yam ft. Bucy Radebe

DJ Cleo returns to the streets with Gcina Impilo Yam, a new Amapiano track. Bucy Radebe is featured on his new fresh jam.

Gcina Impilo Yam ft. Bucy Radebe

8. DJ Cleo – Siya Ghida

Siya Ghida – DJ Cleo DJ Cleo, a veteran producer and mixer, has released a new song titled Siya Ghida. Following the success of his Amapiano project Yile Piano, Siya Ghida is his debut release.

Siya Ghida

9. DJ Cleo – Ladies Love Bass 

Ladies Love Bass by DJ Cleo (Radio Edit). DJ Cleo keeps his fans in mind while working on a new album by releasing a new radio cut called Ladies Love Bass, a fast-paced Amapiano bass.

Ladies Love Bass

10. DJ Cleo – O Wa Nkwishisha

DJ Cleo’s O Wa Nkwishisha O Wa Nkwishisha comes from DJ Cleo’s Amapiano project Yile Piano Vol.1, which was just released.

O Wa Nkwishisha