Top 10 Dinky Kunene Songs 2022

Dinky KuneneTop 10 Dinky Kunene Songs 2022: The name Dalene Scwartz may sound familiar. She competed in two seasons of Idols South Africa, the first in the 14th season, finishing in the top 16, and the second in the following season, reaching the top 9. She is a South African Singer with a beautiful voice. Dalene developed her artistry as Dinky Kunene, becoming more well-rounded and confident. She was the first to ride the amapiano wave. Before it became a big and commercial sound, the singer-songwriter was experimenting with the genre. Her debut EP, One Moment, was published in 2019, and it blends soul and amapiano music. According to Dinky Kunene.

These Are The Top 10 Dinky Kunene Songs of 2022

1. Keenan O & T-Style ft. Dinky Kunene – Dali Wami

Keenan O and T-Style collaborate on Dali Wami, a new song starring Dinky Kunene, Lue, TNK MusiQ, and DJ Stopper.

 Dali Wami 

2. Almighty ft. Dinky Kunene – Askies

Busta 929, Kamo Mphela, Lolo SA, and Dinky Kunene are featured on Almighty’s new hit Askies. He assisted in the release of other tunes from the Thupa Industry’s album Ezase Thupa (Musical Series Season 1).


3. MDU aka TRP ft. Dinky Kunene – La Musica

MDU aka TRP raises the bar with his new track La Musica, which features Dinky Kunene. This new song is taken from his album Two Sides of My Story.

La Musica ft. Dinky Kunene

4. MDU aka TRP ft. Dinky Kunene – Magubane Afro Edit

With his new track Magubane Afro Edit, which features Semi Tee, Spzzy, and Dinky Kunene, MDU aka TRP increases the bar. He sings “Two Sides of My Story,” a new song from his upcoming album.

Magubane Afro Edit 

5. MDU aka TRP ft. Dinky Kunene – Qina

MDU aka TRP raises the bar with his new track Qina, which features Dinky Kunene. This new song is taken from his album Two Sides of My Story.

Qina ft. Dinky Kunene

6. Boohle, Mellow & Sleazy ft. Dinky Kunene & Djy Ma’Ten – Ungowami

On this new track titled Ungowami, featuring Dinky Kunene and Djy Ma’Ten, Boohle, Mellow, and Sleazy form a beautiful trio. The Amapiano vocalist collaborates with two Amapiano producers who are currently among the industry’s hottest.


7. Busta 929 ft. Dinky Kunene – Maqondana

Busta 929 takes another stride ahead with the release of Maqondana, a new single starring Zwesh SA, Dinky Kunene, and Boontle RSA. His recent album, Undisputed Vol 3, contains the new groove.


8.  Djy Biza & Mr JazziQ ft. Dinky Kunene – Hade

Hade, starring Dinky Kunene, Djy Ma’Ten, Mellow, and Sleazy, is the first official release by Djy Biza and Mr JazziQ. They turn it into a Valentine’s song as they prepare for the week ahead.


9. MDU aka TRP & Bongza ft. Dinky Kunene – Joy

MDU alias TRP and Bongza collaborate on Joy, which features Dinky Kunene. This time, they form a unique combo to keep the groove going for their audience.

Joy ft. Dinky Kunene

10. Dinky Kunene & MDU aka TRP – Rest

On this new tune titled Rest, Dinky Kunene collaborates with MDU aka TRP. This time, they establish a unique combo in order to keep the groove going for their followers.