Top 10 De Mthuda Songs 2022

De MthudaTop 10 De Mthuda Songs 2022: Mthuthuzeli Gift Khoza, better known by his stage name De Mthuda, is a DJ and record producer from South Africa. His singles “Shesha Geza” and “John Wick” are his most well-known. De Mthuda was born in the Johannesburg suburb of Vosloorus. He began making songs while still in high school in 2010, and he eventually dropped out while in Grade 11 to pursue his music career. He released the track “Shesha Geza” in May 2019. RiSA certified the song as gold, and it was nominated for Record of the Year at the 26th South African Music Awards. He released the album Ace of Spades in November 2020. At the South African Amapiano Awards, the CD was nominated for Amapiano album of the year.

These are the top 10 De Mthuda Songs of 2022

1. De Mthuda – 33

De Mthuda has finally released a single titled 33. The Amapiano producer continues to demonstrate to his admirers that he is still very much a part of the genre.


2. De Mthuda – Ejwaleni ft. Murumba Pitch & Kammu Dee

De Mthuda combines with Murumba Pitch and Kammu Dee on this new single titled Ejwaleni. The South African producer’s latest track, Awukhuzeki, is a collaboration between Sam Deep and Murumba Pitch.


3. De Mthuda – Green Side ft. Loxion Deep

Green Side is a collaboration between De Mthuda and Loxion Deep. Awukhuzeki, a collaboration between Sam Deep and Murumba Pitch, is the latest track from the South African producer.

Green Side ft. Loxion Deep

4. Sam Deep & De Mthuda – Awukhuzeki ft. Murumba Pitch

On this new track titled Awukhuzeki featuring Murumba Pitch, Sam Deep and De Mthuda team up. Recently, Sam Deep and De Mthuda seem to be making some incredible partnerships.

Awukhuzeki ft. Murumba Pitch

5. De Mthuda – Down Down 

D Mthuda keeps the momentum going with this new unique mix of Down Down. He follows up his recent collaborations with DJ Stokie on Exorbitant Sounds and Loxion Deep on Unrelated Things with this new vibe.

Down Down 

6. DJ Stokie & De Mthuda – Exorbitant Sounds

This remix, dubbed Exorbitant Sounds, features DJ Stokie and De Mthuda. By releasing this new groove for their followers, they make it through the week.

Exorbitant Sounds

7. De Mthuda & Loxion Deep – Unrelated Things

Unrelated Things is a collaboration between De Mthuda and Loxion Deep. By dropping this Amapiano groove, they deliver amazing music to their audience. He also collaborated with Murumba Pitch on By My Side, which included Loxion Deep.

Unrelated Things

8. De Mthuda – Uyang’Funa ft. Mthunzi

With the release of Uyang’Funa, a new song featuring Mthunzi, De Mthuda takes a step forward for his followers. He takes this new step of releasing this fresh feel after partnering with Major League DJz on the Amapiano Balcony Mix S4 EP12.

Uyang’Funa ft. Mthunzi

9. De Mthuda – Ngasho ft. MalumNator & Sir Trill

De Mthuda surprises his fans with the release of Ngasho, a new song featuring MalumNator and Sir Trill. After working with Major League DJz on the Amapiano Balcony Mix S4 EP12, he takes this new step of releasing this fresh feel.

 Ngasho ft. MalumNator & Sir Trill

10. Kwiish SA ft. De Mthuda – Poyoyo

Poyoyo, a new tune by Kwiish SA featuring De Mthuda, is out now. He takes over once more by ensuring that the weekend is not devoid of superb music.

Poyoyo ft. De Mthuda