Top 10 Daliwonga Songs 2022

DaliwongaTop 10 Daliwonga Songs 2022: Daliwonga was born in the Soweto suburb of Diepkloof. He is a South African singer, entrepreneur, and social media sensation. He wrote a lot of songs and worked as a record producer. He’s employing Amapiano, South Africa’s fastest-growing electronic music movement. He’s also known for his angelic and melodious voice, which sets him apart from singers from other countries. Daliwonga’s popularity in South Africa and Africa is skyrocketing, leading music fans to predict that once he has firmly established himself in the market, he would rule it for a long time.


These are the top 10 Daliwonga Songs of 2022

1. Visca ft. Daliwonga & Murumba Pitch – Ngiyaz Fela

Visca is promoting himself with a new song called Ngiyaz Fela, which features Daliwona and Murumba Pitch. He released a new track named Through Thick & Thin from his latest Amapiano effort.

Ngiyaz Fela ft. Daliwonga & Murumba Pitch

2. Kabza De Small ft. Daliwonga – Msholozi

Msholozi feat. Daliwonga is the latest release from Kabza De Small’s archive.

Msholozi ft. Daliwonga

3. Mellow & Sleazy ft. Daliwonga – Ba Bize

Mellow and Sleazy are back with a new single called Ba Bize, which features Murumba Pitch, Daliwonga, Visca, and Djy Biza.

Ba Bize 

4. Mellow & Sleazy ft. Daliwonga & Murumba Pitch – Babize 

Mellow and Sleazy collaborate on Babize, a fresh groove including Murumba Pitch and Daliwonga.

Babize ft. Murumba Pitch & Daliwonga

5. Myztro ft. Daliwonga – Myztro Wadi IceTropez

Myztro drops Myztro Wadi IceTropez, a new groove starring Daliwonga, Djy Biza, ShaunMusiQ, and Fteearse. The Amapiano artist debuts a new track from his upcoming EP project, 012 Nkwari.

Myztro Wadi IceTropez

6. Daliwonga – Abo Mvelo ft. M.J, Mellow & Sleazy

Daliwonga, a South African vocalist, releases Abo Mvelo, a new song featuring M.J, Mellow, and Sleazy. Daliwonga’s fans congratulate him on bouncing back and releasing a single since 2020.

Abo Mvelo ft. M.J, Mellow & Sleazy

7. Yumbs, Mellow & Sleazy ft. Daliwonga, M.J &  Sir Trill – Yebo Ke

Yumbs, Mellow, and Sleazy team up for a new song called Yebo Ke, which features Sir Trill, M.J., and Daliwonga.

Yebo Ke 

8. Mellow & Sleazy ft. Daliwonga, Visca & Murumba Pitch – Bona Chelte

Mellow and Sleazy release Bona Chelte, a new track starring Daliwonga, Visca, and Murumba Pitch. After the release of 45, the Amapiano producers have solidified their position as one of the industry’s best emerging performers.

Bona Chelte 

9. Mellow & Sleazy ft. Daliwonga, Sir Trill & Djy Ma’Ten – Lobola

Mellow and Sleazy team up again on Lobola, a new single featuring Daliwonga, Sir Trill, and Djy Ma’Ten. After previously appearing on Sir Trill’s track Mogwanti, the Amapiano duo returns on this new track.


10. Kabza De Small ft. Daliwonga – Azikhale

Kabza De Small kicks off the weekend with a new song called Azikhale, which features Daliwonga. On Ngiphendule, the Amapiano King performed his final groove with MDU aka TRP.

Azikhale ft. Daliwonga