Top 10 AFRO BROTHERZ Songs 2022


Top 10 AFRO BROTHERZ Songs 2022: The South African music duo Afro Brotherz is best known for their song “Dark & Massive Ft. Tebza DA Guitar.” This team is really gifted, and here is a brief Afro Brotherz biography. Afro Brotherz is a South African record producer who just release their new song and album Dark & Massive Ft. Tebza DA Guitar, Two brotherz from South Africa very talented started doing music at a tender age. This made them develop more skills in playing musical instruments of different types.

These Are The Top AFRO BROTHERZ Songs

1. Unit EM SA ft. Afro Brotherz – Ameva 

Ameva, a new song by Unit EM SA featuring Afro Brotherz, is out now. In order to keep the Afro-House genre alive, the South African duo continues to create new grooves for their fans.

Ameva ft. Afro Brotherz

2. Afro Brotherz – Ukraine Defence

On this new track titled Ukraine Defense, Afro Brotherz makes a comeback. They release this new weekend groove to show how terrific he is to his admirers.

Ukraine Defence

3. Afro Brotherz ft. Unit EM – Tsuka Tsuka 

Tsuka Tsuka is a new track from Afro Brotherz featuring Unit EM. They release this new track as a follow-up to their Russian Weapon single.

Tsuka Tsuka ft. Unit EM

4. Tebza DA Guitar ft. Afro Brotherz – Milestone 

Tebza Da Guitar kicks off the weekend with a new track called Milestone, which features Afro Brotherz. The Afro House musician weaves his way through his path with care, but each time he releases a masterpiece.

Milestone ft. Afro Brotherz

5. Afro Brotherz – Russian Weapon

With the release of Russian Weapon as a new tune for the weekend, Afro Brotherz put an end to the wait. After recently releasing Tufamo, the South African Afro-House brothers continue to hold the year well as they drop this new round.

Russian Weapon

6. Afro Brotherz – Tufamo

Afro Brotherz end the wait with the release of Tufamo, a new song. As they launch this new round, the South African Afro-House brothers continue to hold the year well.


7. Afro Brotherz – Amathuba ft. Pixie L & Lucky Keys

This official release by Afro Brotherz, titled Amathuba, kicks off the year. They bring it with the latest effort of Lucky Keys and their favorite featured artist from last year, Pixie L.

Amathuba ft. Pixie L & Lucky Keys

8. Afro Brotherz – 80K Appreciation Mix (End Year)

The Afro Brotherz have released a new mix dubbed 80K Appreciation Mix to thank their followers (End Year). They continue to make more waves for the weekend by adding more grooves to it.

80K Appreciation Mix (End Year)

9. Afro Brotherz – Zangoma

This new music by Afro Brotherz is titled Zangoma. By adding more grooves to it, they continue to make more waves for the weekend.


10. Afro Brotherz – Uvalo ft. Pixie L

Uvalo, a new track by Afro Brotherz featuring Pixie L, is out now. This round was taken from their most recent EP, The Lands Part 2.

Uvalo ft. Pixie L