South Africa Municipal Election

South Africa Municipal Election: What Exactly Is South Africa Municipal Election? Municipal elections will be held in each of South Africa’s nine provinces to elect councils for all district, metropolitan, and local municipalities.

These will be South Africa’s sixth municipal elections since the end of apartheid in 1994; elections are held every five years.

South Africa Municipal Election

Organisation : Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC)
Election Name : Municipal Elections 2022
Country : South Africa

Recognize Your Ballots

Sample municipal election ballots by province and municipality, including DC ballots, PR ballots, and Ward ballots. Ballots can be printed or downloaded in PDF format. To access PDF files on your computer, you’ll need Adobe Reader, which is free to download if you don’t already have it.

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Select Election Year
Step-3 : Select Province
Step-4 : Select Municipality
Step-5 : Seelct Ballot Type
Step-6 : Select Ward
Step-7 : Click on the link “View Report in PDF”


Don’t know what to expect when you go to the polls during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Welcome to our walkthrough of the new voter registration and voting process.

1. As per lockdown regulations for all persons in public spaces, wear a mask before registering and voting. The election officials will refuse you admission to the voting booth if you don’t have a mask or facial cover, and you won’t be able to register, change your address, or vote.
2. While at your voting station, maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from fellow voters, election officials, party agents, and observers at all times.
3. Wait your turn before entering the voting station, as there may only be a restricted number of individuals inside.

4. Before entering and leaving the voting location, an election officer will squirt liquid sanitiser on your hands.

5. Before putting the ink to your thumbnail, election authorities will check that it is dry, and you will be asked to wait a moment before moving on to ensure that the ink has dried before your hands are sanitized before leaving the polling station.

6. Before and after each vote, all voting station surfaces will be disinfected with 70% alcohol.

7. If anything isn’t right, say so. If someone gets too close to you, or if someone’s behavior makes you uncomfortable, speak out politely. Make sure you and others are safe.


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