HPCSA Pretoria Client Care Centre Contact & Fraud Hotline

HPCSA Pretoria Client Care Centre Contact & Fraud Hotline: What Exactly Is HPCSA Pretoria Client Care Centre? Professionals and members of the public are urged to contact the HPCSA Client Care Centre with any general questions, such as annual fees, registrations, compliments, service delivery, certificates of status, CPD, ethical questions, and unethical business practices.

HPCSA Pretoria Client Care Centre Contact & Fraud Hotline

Organisation : Health Professions Council of South Africa HPCSA
Service Name : Client Care Centre & Fraud Hotline
Headquarters : Pretoria
Industry : Medical/Health
Service/ Product : Annual Fees, Registrations, Compliments, Service Delivery, Certificates of status, CPD
Website https://hpcsa.co.za/?contentId=383&actionName=Contact

Telephone E-mail Postal Address Physical Address
(+27) 12 338 9300/01 info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
PO Box 205
553 Madiba Street
Madiba Street
Certificate of status hpcsacgs [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Complaints against practitioners Legalmed [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Ethical and Professional Practice
Scope of Practice and Profession
Business Practice queries
Shareholders annual report submissions
Professionalpractice [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Ombudsman Ombcomplaints [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Education & Training Education&Training [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Professional Boards E-mail
Dental Assisting, Dental Therapy & Oral Hygiene info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Dietetics and Nutrition info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Emergency Care info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Environmental Health info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Medical & Dental Professions
info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Medical Technology info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Occupational Therapy & Medical Orthotics, Prosthetics and Arts Therapy info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Optometry & Dispensing Opticians info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Biokinetics info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Psychology info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Radiography & Clinical Technology info [AT] hpcsa.co.za
Speech, Language and Hearing info [AT] hpcsa.co.za

HPCSA Contact

Address : 553 Madiba St, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0002
Call : (+27) 12 338 9300
Email: info AT hpcsa.co.za

The HPCSA Fraud Hotline

The HPCSA has a strict zero-tolerance stance when it comes to fraud and other forms of dishonesty. Our dedication to fighting all forms of fraud is unwavering, and we continue to be aggressive in the battle against fraud, corruption, and other white-collar crime. Council is dedicated to maintaining a high level of business ethics and transparency.

If you suspect any of our employees or suppliers of committing fraud, corruption, or irregularities, please contact our Fraud and Corruption Hotline.

Your reports will be examined and followed up on. Anyone who discovers or suspects fraud or anomalies must report them right away.

You can use the following reporting routes to reveal your identity anonymously or to stay anonymous:

following reporting channels:

Fraud Hotline 0800 201 220
FreeFax 0800 200 796
Email hotline AT kpmg.co.za
Post BNT 371, P O Box 14671, Sinoville, 0129
Webmail thornhill.co.za/kpmgfaircallreport

The HPCSA, together with the 12 Professional Boards that fall under its purview, was created to regulate the education, training, and registration of health professionals who are registered under the Health Professions Act.

To safeguard the public and guide the professions, the council ensures that practitioners uphold and maintain professional and ethical standards within the health professions, as well as investigate complaints about practitioners and take disciplinary action against those who do not act appropriately.