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Deep house music is a subgenre of electronic music that evolved from Chicago house music. Deep house tracks combine the pulsing four-on-the-floor signature beat of traditional house music with jazz and funk harmonies and basslines. Deep house is also more likely to include vocals than standard house music.

The deep house sound contains elements found in all house music and elements that are unique to the subgenre.

  1. Four on the floor: Deep house music is always played with a 4/4 time signature and uses a steady four-on-the-floor quarter-note kick drum pattern. This pattern is common in subgenres of house music—from acid house to progressive house to tech house.
  2. Danceable tempos: Deep house music tends to be played between 110 to 125 beats per minute (BPM)—a natural dance floor tempo.
  3. Funk, soul, and jazz influence: Beginning with early deep house tracks by Larry “Mr. Fingers” Heard, the style has emulated 1970s funk and soul music. In some cases, it even features synth pads playing the seventh chords, ninth chords, and thirteenth chords that are idiomatic to jazz.
  4. Roland synthesizers: Many of the best deep house tracks bear the distinctive mark of 1980s Roland synthesizers—particularly the TR-909 drum machine and the Juno-60 and Jupiter-6 keyboard synths

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